I’m No Longer Debating Neanderthal Christians and Here’s Why..

At fifty-eight years old I suddenly realized that the Wright Brothers weren’t wasting time debating Neanderthal Christians trying to convince them that man would fly one day. Instead, the Wright Brothers were doing something more profound, they were building the airplane!!

So I will leave it to my atheist fellows to keep dragging Christian Dominionist tparty neanderthalers into the 20th Century. I choose to live in the progressive moment and in the 21st and 22nd Century.

As the Wright Brothers never required nor sought neanderthal Christian blessing or permission, CyberInterNetics is moving us forward in the 21st Century and beyond regardless. Those who won’t or can’t adapt or evolve will go extinct. The evolutionary rapture is closing in fast. I want to be clear out of the line of evolutionary pressure. If you’re a Christian friend or relation of mine, today I end my seeking to bring you along.

I’m too sick and tired of your damnation of me to hell. I’m sick and tired of your insistence that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. I can’t deal with anyone who believes the Earth is flat. You insist the sun and the Universe revolve around the Earth fine. No more argument from me. I’ll let evolution take care of you.

Just as there are people who still practice Witchcraft [I have an online friend who is a Witch], there will be a small group of people who still believe in magic and magical God and Gods.

Let them have at it.

This blog is my last attempt at reaching those who might still have an open yet suspicious mind. Its good to question authority and ideas but the questions need to be about inquiry not questions seeking to justify superstition and belief in magic.

If you’re seeking to explore and discover the reality of life welcome. If not, be gone. This blog is about reality and our place in it.

Electronic Engineer
Blog Writer & Editor



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