Robots Are Stealing American Jobs, According to MIT Economist

Forget the recession, immigration and the mortgage industry collapse – when it comes to loss of American jobs, robots are to blame.

Read all about it here

Editorial Comment:

I’m 58 years old and I was a Factory Worker for 32 years. The last ten years was in maintenance as a Digital Technology Tech. At 38 years old while working full time I attended IT&T tech school for Electronic Engineers. I graduated at 40 years old with a degree in Electronic Engineering with honors[GPA 3.6 out of 4.0].

I then developed my Digital Technology theory of CyberInterNetics [1994] which shows how Digital Technology of CyberInterNetics will replace all human labor.

Wired Magazine published an article by the co-founder of Sun MicrosSystems, Bill Joy entitled; “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us” in which he too saw Digital Technology replacing all human labor. So I feel in good company.

Others have seen the trend as well. Some are even working toward that end! Singularity, Semantic Web, a Web of Things, Data Links, nanorobotics, 3D printers and more. All will end the need for human labor. I also have an idea how we can live a better more fulfilled life if we choose the right politics. If not billions will end up in abject poverty, chronic pain, chronic disease, homelessness and more will be the life of the average person. We need not subject ourselves to this blood, sweat and tears. There is a way to embrace CyberInterNetics, the replacement of all human labor and enjoy life’s abundance.

We will choose pain and suffering or enjoy endless expansion of our consciousness and our joy.

Yours in choice,
Electronic Engineer
Developer of the CyberInterNetic Theory [C.I.N.]
Author: CyberInterNetics 2052 Blog

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