Meet the New Worker

Think this is small? microchips are becoming nanochips and smaller. Smaller and smarter too. Soon you’ll be able to run a factory on a chip too small to see with the naked eye. They already have mirochip factories now. 
CyberInterNetics will replace all human labor by 2053CE if not sooner!!
While workers all around the globe will think jobs are going to workers in other countries jobs will be going to CyberInterNetics even staying in country!!
We’re paying for the new semantic singularity Internet of Things which will allow things to run themselves without us. This is why the new brutal politics is out in the open and in your face. They know they’re close to replacing all human labor and won’t need you anymore!!
If we don’t act politically soon their agenda will win. The rich plan a global population of 144,000 blood related individuals. Why keep you around if technology can do their work for them. The only reason they keep you around now is they need you to do their work. They keep you busy and out of the way by also allowing you to have things too. They let you have cars, televisions, cellphones and homes simply because they need you to produce their wants and needs so they know you won’t do that without some little reward.
Soon technology will serve the rich while you and I will be exterminated. This will be a slow process. It may take them a couple hundred years to get rid of us all but that’s the plan. What do they care how long it takes as long as it gets done. 
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While you and I plan for the weekend the rich blood related families plan for centuries. They have to or they lose control. Their agenda is adaptable and our extermination date could be moved back or moved up. They’re willing to take the time they need. Whatever it takes for as long as it takes is their motto.
You and I through our actions can prevent this destruction of humanity to fail, but only if we work toward a culture of nurturing, caring, empathy and sharing. 
Will we succeed or fail? I’m betting we’ll fail yet taking action to succeed. Spreading the word, raising awareness and sounding the alarm is what this blog is about. 
It’s not going to stop, till you wise up.
Electronic Engineer
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