Zero, Negative, Positive, Logic & Reason

Most people forget Zero is a demarcation line between -1 & +1. Electronics says something is positive in relation to something negative however a negative one is positive in relation to negative two. Negative two is positive in relation to negative three.

-1 is negative in relation to zero, +1, +2, +3 and so on.

Someone who is four foot tall in a world of five foot tall people is short but in a world of three foot tall people the four foot tall person is tall. Gulliver’s travels illustrates the point when Gulliver is short in one land but a giant in another.

Zero is a concept of the mind. If you were never born there would be no zero of you. Who’s going to count you as absent if you were never there in the first place?!?

Zero is concept that requires a group of intelligent beings. Its the produce of being alive. I have an apple, I gave it away I have zero apples. I never had an apple, I have zero apples. Yet to have zero apples there has to be apples.

You can’t have zero Unicorns there never were Unicorns. You can’t have zero Doodoo birds, there are no longer any Doodoo birds alive to have. There’s not zero Doodoo birds, there don’t exist anymore.

Unless we live in Alice’s Wonderland how can you see zero Doodoo birds? Oh look, there a zero Doodoo bird now! What?

As an Atheist I don’t say there is zero Gods. I say there are no gods. There never was a God or Gods. I realize that God is a theory some people believe is true without any evidence. They stretch zero into 1, 2, 3 or more Gods. But there aren’t zero Gods. There aren’t any Gods.

Do you go around counting Unicorns? Do you count zero Unicorns, one Unicorn, two Unicorns? Of course not!! Why start counting things that aren’t there. You’d be counting all the time if you started counting what isn’t there.

I would suggest we count what is there and refrain from counting things that aren’t there. But that’s just me.

Yours in Zero,

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