Bullshit My Republican Uncle Says…

My Republican Uncle thirty years ago was going on how only property owners should be allowed to vote. He doesn’t realize our people back then didn’t own property, we were indentured servants in that my great great grandfather rented the farm land he farmed. He never had enough money to own anything!


They grew their own meat, cows, pigs and sheep. They grew their own money crops, corn, soy beans and wheat. The grew their own personal garden of vegetables, fruit and nut trees. Maybe had a farm truck. That’s it. 
So what my idiot Uncle is saying when he declares that only property owners should vote is only the rich wealthy well off should vote.
Part of the CyberInterNetic Agenda is that the working class no longer own property but rent everything. This is why the push for only property owners can vote as their agenda calls for taking away your property as you’ll be working for fifty cents an hours competing with Chinese workers and robotics.
Its really troubling that most people are about as aware of present reality as they are about what’s being built for their future. 
If you think the rich and wealthy plans to let you keep an Internet as an open free speech zone of Technology you better get your shit together. They had to get you using and depending on Borg Brother before they clamped down. 
They need you to support the building of Internet communication and Smart Grid so their robots and other Digital workers could have a Global Internetwork communication system to plug their sentient Digital devices.
Internet was always gonna be an ‘Internet of Things’. You and I will be left with gated communities like ‘Facebook’. Open monitored postings on ‘Twitter’. No more private email. No more private peer to peer. All your data will be on the Corporate Cloud. All your base belong to us. Us being Borg Brother.
Borg Brother cell phones tag, track and locate you. Borg Brother watches every move you make, every breath you take. Yep, your cell phone will soon be able to monitor your individual heartbeat.
This comfort and security will last till 2052CE when the Hidden Hand launches their final solution for the general population of the planet. 
Keep worrying about Depressions, Wars, and Space Aliens. Just don’t think what’s really happening all around you. The 21st Century is the Digital Age. Its all around you. Everything will be Digital soon.
The Borg Brother Replicants are the new life form. Not some fantasy Arsenic bacteria!! 
yours in Observation, Analysis, and Conclusion,
Electronic Engineer
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