Great Comment: Net Neutrality (content) = Rural Free Delivery (mail)

Net Neutrality (content) = Rural Free Delivery (mail)
It is really as simple as that, but I hasten to add that there are a number of trees which get in the way when you are trying to see the forest.
1. There are no “local” networks – States and Counties for RFD. Just like there is no “Long Distance” telephony, just longer or shorter paths. When the Bell System was broken up, the political fiction disappeared.
2. During the period RFD was established (ca. 1890-1930), Ground Transportation enjoyed little or no economies of scale. To say, as Commercial interests do, that UPS spawned FedEx is disingenuous in the extreme. RFD was a Socialist Principle (choke on that) which spawned a business (UPS etc., based upon the internal combustion engine) then competitors based on flight. Flight took away the fiction of “Long Distance” – gee where have we heard that before ?
3. The Republican code for State’s Rights is “Interstate Commerce”. It is simply the fiction of “Long Distance” which has served the would be Robber Baron so well. RFD plays well with Castle Doctrine (memo to TP, look it up), it’s the Barons that hate it.

Posted by: gannon_dick | December 7, 2010 10:43 AM

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