The "sunsetting" of Delicious, is Flickr Next?

Comment from Internet:

The “sunsetting” of Delicious, your worries over Flickr, and Amazon’s rejection of Wikileaks, really demonstrate the problem with hosting “in the cloud”. Ultimately, you can’t entrust your data to a third party. People make back ups to Dropbox or Mozy, but you’re not guaranteed that those companies will be here next month. Buy an external hard drive (or a 64 GB thumb drive for portability). You can only rely on yourself.

“All your base belong to us” comes to mind. 

You don’t just store your data online, they kinda own your data, in that they decide to take down the site. It makes for a sweet data collection scheme.First they get you to upload your data then a few years later close down after having access to your data.

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