Why FCC Passed Net Neutrality Favoring Corporations

The Federal Government needs AT&T, NBC, CNN, Comcast and other Corporations to dominate communications so that the Federal Government can get them to spy on US Citizens. Since the Federal Government needs AT&T, CNN, Comcast to spy on US Citizens the Federal Government is making sure to pay them off with lucrative telecom wireless Internet Communications deals.

Every time you log onto Internet by your ISP or with your mobile device AT&T, Comcast, CNN, NBC, all the Corporations are spying on you for the Federal Government. As a side profit these Corporations also use your private data collected for the Government for their own Corporate planning.

It’s Corporate USA. Otherwise known in Europe in the 1930s as Fascism.

Have a nice day,
Internet Entrepreneur
Electronic Engineer


Why am I on Internet? Simply because your landline telephone has always been tapped where they could hear your calls and your private conversations in rooms near your phone. When you hang up any phone landline, mobile, your Internet connection everything can be opened up without your consent or knowledge!

take care.


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