People Are Dying All Over the Planet

It’s fucking hilarious. People are dying all over the planet of old age, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other deadly diseases and what are we worried about? What the next advanced iPad or android phone will be able to do. You see the sick, the aged and the dying are shipped off to nursing homes and hospitals to fade away. We don’t think about them. We’re healthy, we young and the truth is hidden from us. The truth is you’re not living, you’re dying.

0f course this is of no concern to you, right? How many times have you wished the concept three weeks from now would hurry up and happen. Three weeks older, three weeks closer to being 80yrs old, but not to worry now, that comes later, right?

I know 14yr olds who wish they were 21yrs old so they could drink beer. Willing to give up 7yrs of living for instant gratification. When they’re on their death bed they’ll cry out for a second more let alone seven more years of life.

We want instant gratification. The new movie, new car, new technology, new thing, new stuff, willing to trade our lives for all the new stuff. The time we have is the only time we have. Time is our soul on this planet and we’re selling our soul for instant gratification. What tech, what new house, new game, new event will you take with you in death? What is the one event you’ll long for before death? More time.

Yet we reject more time at every turn. We give more time away so that the concert we have tickets for that is three weeks away will come tomorrow. Fuck three weeks we could be living, enjoying ourselves. What if, What would happen if within those three weeks before the concert you got so busy living life you totally forgot about the concert and when the day came you missed the concert completely. What if you were enjoying your life so much that you never again thought about that concert. Oh what a terrible thing that would be, to be enjoying your life so much all you thought about was living your life to the fullest every day of your life!

What hell would it be to forget about that new laptop, that new tv, that new car and was having so much fun with your family, your friends and your neighbors that all the things you owned faded into the background and you forgot your cell phone was two years old.

Instead, today, in the spectacle centered life, the fact your cell phone is two years old is troubling, obscene, pitiful, and disgusting.

I read posts on notionink.wordpress,com and people want the new notion ink tablet so much they can’t wait till the end of January. They’d trade their limited amount of time on this planet to make it the end of January, the beginning of February for what, the new Notion Ink Android Tablet. Is it a fair trade? Trading part of your time on this planet, time you’ll never get back for some new technology? I guess their lives are so void they need something new to fill the void. They are obsessed with the new adam tablet. They are wishing away their lives to hold it, to touch it, to use it.

It’s sick that people who only live perhaps 70 good years are wishing their lives away. First they wish away a month here then a month there and one day they wake up and find themselves old and dying.

I never wanted tomorrow to come. I never wanted to grow up. I was fine having fun today. I was too busy having fun today to wish away the most valuable possession I have, time. I was too busy having the time of my life!

Did I order things to come in six weeks. I did. I knew that regardless of what I do I can’t stop time. I didn’t wish the six weeks were up so I could have the item. I wanted time to slow down and take months for those six weeks to pass by if time desired, cause I was enjoying my life. Whenever the item I ordered came I enjoyed that moment also, but I didn’t try to trade my other happy moments for some illusion I’d constructed about how my life would be perfect or complete when I got the item I ordered. The item I ordered wasn’t worth wishing my life away. I was too busy living my life!

I remember when I was eight years old and fifty-eight years old was fifty years away. Today I am fifty-eight years old and let me tell you, it went by in a flash! You’ll look in the mirror and wonder where the gray hair and the wrinkles came from. It was just yesterday when you were learning to ride your bike or how to tell time. I remember turning thirty years old. Now I have memories that are older than thirty years old!!

My suggestion to you is enjoy your present moment. By all means plan for the future but don’t let the future replace the precious moments of each and every day. Our lives will be over soon enough, too soon actually. Plan for the future but live in the moment.

My wife and I live each moment and we’ve saved money over the years. What we didn’t do was say won’t it be great to be sixty with increased savings. No, we saved some of our money after we enjoy our moments. Its possible when most of your moments are free!

Our moments were spending time with each other, our family, our friends, sitting in the backyard enjoying a spring breeze.

I hope you are also planning for the future and living in the moment as well. None of know how long we have on this planet so we should get the most out of each and every day, cause it might be our last. Most of us will live to be 70-80 and we need to live debt free with savings and investments, that’s a given. You can have it all, when all you have is more than enough.


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