Closing Down Internet One App At A Time

The use of apps especially by Apple is designed to shut down Internet Neutrality one app at a time. Slowly but surely Apple users will buy from the App store and wake up one day to find Internet access to other means of distribution are gone.

Its like everything else, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

We didn’t complain and demand the use of our public airwaves for radio and Television so we lost it to Global Corporations. So too will we lose public access if we refuse to protect net neutrality from these very same Global Corporations that took over our public airwaves.

How many public access shows does the average person watch?

If you think Public Broadcasting System is a substitute for public access and public use of our airwaves then we’ve lost the struggle for public accountability.

Support Net Neutrality so Net Neutrality can support you!

Electronic Engineer
Internet Entrepreneur

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