Right Now All Around Planet Earth Electronic Engineers Are In “Non-Discloser” Meetings…

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
As an Electronic Engineer I’ve been invited to these meetings that require you to sign “non-discloser agreements” to attend. Take a Corporation like Apple. I’m sure it’s employees working on the neXt big thing at Apple sign “non-disclosure agreements”, It is likely part of the application to work there. A Corporation must plan 2-3 years ahead if it is to stay competitive. Secrets must be kept on the new products. You do’t have to be a genuis to figure that out. It’s self evident that the iPad 2 was being designed and engineered as soon as iPad 1 came out.    If a product is on the comsumer shelf it’s outdated as far as Corporations are concerned. Hell, you watch a new episode of one of your favorite TV shows or movies and it’s already old to the creative designers of the future. Once a TV show is digitally mastered the crew is on to the next episode before we watch the last one. Tha’ts the way it is.   The script for a show may be months old. Scripts that are approved to be made are quite naturally keep secret so as not spoil the episode. This is the way of things,   Creative people live in the future because they are creating the future now.   So it is with the Hidden Hand of the unknown rich&powerful. While they must react to daily, weekly and monthly events, they are also planning their version of our future decades in advance. The unknown rich&powerful adjust their decades social planning moving things up or to a later date however the overall results of the plan do not change.   Just as Apple and other Corporations require secretcy so too does the planning of the unknown rich&powerful. I know it may be very hard to accept but the Internet just didn’t happen. The unknown rich&powerful have been planning Digital Technology in their labs, boardrooms, and meeting all under the “non-disclosure agreement” status. Steve Jobs is rewarded for best implementing this Digital Technology.   Even so, neither Bill Gates nor Steve Jobs invented the Digital Technology CyberInterNetic Agenda. A group of unknown, unnamed rich&powerful individuals did that. The so called marketplace has been allowed controled compettion in that the unknown and unnamed rich&powerful will only step in once the process is started if one individual or Corporation steps out of line. Henry Ford realized this fact and stated that “If the 

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