An Atheist Discovers “The L Word” on Netflix DVD..

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The DVD of “The L Word” arrived the other day & I finally watched it late last night. I didn’t know what the “L” word was or what the show was about I ordered the DVD to find out. Let me say it’s an excellent storyline so far on Disk 1. I have disk 2 in my Netflix Queue. Furthermore I’m glad I’m an atheist watching this show because if you’re a Christian watching “The L Word” you’re gonna burn in hell. You’re gonna burn in hell for eternity.   It’s the typical of Superstitious Christians to go around telling others they’re going to hell then go into the privacy of their own homes & watch my shows, like “The L Word”. “The L Word” isn’t made for self righteous bigoted superstitious. Every Christian who believes in hell is to be burnt in their own hell for watching “The L Word”. You’ve Damned yourselves! rotflmao.   You need to watch reruns of “Leave It to Beaver” and leave the grown up content to grown ups. You need to stop going to the movies and watching “Twilight”. Stay home and read your bible, pray and if you watch anything it should be “Gumby”.   Christian Organized Superstition says one thing and does another. If you watch today’s adult content and most let their children watch TV while they’re not at home so they’re watching “The L Word” too (that’s where your children are learning about sex at 8 or 9 years old. In your own Christian home where you don’t even bother to parent). It’s easy to see how fuckwads can declare their demon Jehovah/Jesus as a loving God. Of course hypocrites would worship Satan and say their worshiping a Good God Concept! Hell bound liars trying to attract as many people including babies and children into their death cult coven of demonic Satanic magical misery tour.   I love the Showtime show “The L Word”. Great adult content. Christian Children of Jehovah/Jesus, ages newborn to 110 years old should refrain from viewing this content or surely be bound for eternal torture in hell.   Me and other reasoned adults of course won’t burn in this imaginary hell & I think that Superstitious Christians know hell is as imaginary as their god cause the theaters the books, the TV sets are full of adult content the Bible condemns and the Christian Superstitious are reading and watching this content in the millions! 😉   This is why The Christian Superstition Church are banning books, it’s the only way to keep Christian Superstitious from reading them!!! I’m sure The Christian Superstition Church will try to keep claimed Christian Superstitious from movies and vidoe games too. The ban for movies and video games is on the way! It’s the only way to keep the Christian Superstious from partaking in the practice of Life and that’s the last thing a Death Cult wants it’s members to do…

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