In a new world of informational abundance, content curation is a new kind of authorship

Via Scoop.itBeyond Organic

This title will probably be provocative to those who are still thinking that there is only authorship in creation and who undervalue discovery. But it’s a must read that goes way beyond the initial thoughts on curation. Maria Popova is the editor of Brain Pickings, a curation of “cross-disciplinary interestingness” that scours the world of the web and beyond for share-worthy tidbits.I’ve been following her for a while and she is indeed a great digital curator. It’s very interesting to read how she sees her work and also what she feels is missing to Twitter and the social web to help curation be even more efficient. I would add to her point that perhaps we also need to improve the discoverability of curators themselves. By putting the topic first.Must read.
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