Bono Praised #GWBush. Now #Bono Praises #GW0bama! With #Liberals like these, we’re #losing

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If you still think there’s a Liberal of any kind in the White House you need to have your head examined or just give up thinking. Caved in on ending war. He expanded it! Caved in on Health Care Reform. He gutted it in favor of Insurance Corporations. Caved in on Clean Air Act.   This POTUS needs to be replaced with a real Liberal or the next four years will see the end to Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage laws, overtime laws, child labor laws, the CyberInterNetic Agenda of the rich&powerful is to decimate the value of all human labor and dismantle all secular Gov’t support of human workers. Set adrift in the sea of greed the rich&power believe you’ll “go along to get along”.   Are they right?   This Labor Day weekend is gonna be filled with mindless sports, festivals and other entertainment. It seems the Unions nor the workers have bothered to schedule any substantial content this long weekend. #UnFuckingbelievable!!   PS   BHObama is pretending to try to unite both parties. It’s just his cover to allow the CyberInterNetic Agenda to roll on. Will it work like GWBush pretending to be a dumb hick while getting everything he wanted?  

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