Moral Obligation to Help Fellows of Our Species isn’t infinite..

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
Let’s see now, rich&powerful’s worked us 16~18 hours a day. Biitched we needed lunch breaks, restroom breaks, and a living wage yet,when Digital Technology gets tothe point it can replace all human labor the rich& powerful will keep us around. Ain’t blind faith wonderful! Evidence says rich&powerful’s hate us. Evidence tells us the rich&powerful’s just aren’t that into us. Yet blind faith suggest the rich&powerful’s love nothing better than providing us with jobs, entertainment, housing, cellphones, and clothing. They got you Believing they do it  for the money. They can print all the fucking money they want. They provide you jobs, fake news, entertainment to maintain Control. over us, Money is just one of the tools they use to Contro us. Once they eliminate us and it’s just them, they’ll be no need to use money as a tool of control!As A moral individual of good conscious I am obligated to expose the 2052Ce CyberInterNetic  Agenda of the rich&powerful. One day tho our private group survival will outweigh our team’s  obligation to warn the general population and help show how to survive the CyberInterNetic Agenda of the unnamed unknown rich&powerful.Sent via iPad 2

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