Foxconn & the Rich/Powerful Agenda

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
I get more negative responses from atheists on my CyberInterNetic expose. It seems atheist believe ☠rich&powerful ♥ workers & will keep them around long after they no longer need their labor. Ain’t blind faith wonderful..   If my fellow atheist believe Digital Technology will never replace human labor, I’d suggest they start reading about Industrial Robots, and other business related electronics. Instead of merely focusing on consumer electronics.   Foxconn’s three year plan to employ 1,000,000 workers for example. Foxconn and Chamber of Commerce lackeys are marketing this news as robots doing work humans find boring. LOL. Believe the cover story if you choose. Fact remains that if robots can do some assembly work now, they’ll be able to do all assembly work soon. It’s as simple as Moore’s Law.   Assembly work will one day end up being replaced by 3D printing. No assembly work, just print out what you need.   If you too are a true believer and believe the rich&powerful love us & will keep us around after CyberInterNetics takes over all labor then you can continue to sit back and let the rich&powerful agenda roll on.   However if you realize that today, when the rich&powerful still need human labor, workers are under attack. Worker wages, worker benefits like health care, vacations, break times, short work hours, & a work week with weekends. All are under attack right at this very moment. Even so, workers are sitting on their hands while the rich&powerful bend them over in the workplace and take every last ounce of dignity a human being has.   The days of surviving the rich&powerful are over. While we have been amusing ourselves, giving up our power the rich&powerful have been working for centuries on a way to replace us. Guess what? They found it. Now if we don’t take back our individuality and build a society of empathy and a moral conscience the rich&powerful cold blooded psychopaths plan to eliminate all human workers. They don’t need us anymore!

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