Gene Roddenberry’s One Big Lie of Star Trek

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
Gene Roddenberry’s one big lie of Star Trek is his dipiction of human beings alive in the future.   Truthfully the Starship Enterprise is a robot ship filled with Replicants, roving robots & completely self repairing and self governing. Captian Kirk and crew are top of the line Replicants. They’re mission, to explore new worlds and to go where no replicant has gone before…   Communication with Earth is instantanious in all parts of the Universe after discover of THOTH principals. THOTH communication carries across the Universe at instantanious speed. THOTH is thought communication. THOTH is faster than light and covers light years in nanoseconds.   Gene Roddenberry, pretending working human beings have a future.   We’d only survive if we changed our society from a culture ruled by rich&powerufl cold blooded pyschopaths to a culture of empathic moral conscience individuals. Yeah right. Remember, when you win the rat race you’re still a rat. In a dog eat dog world, you’re nothing but a hound dog.   This is 4rel   L8R

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