Most of Nikola Tesla’s Greatest Inventions Were Hidden Away

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
Most of Nikola Tesla’s amazing inventions were hidden away from the public. Of course a select group of unnamed rich&powerful known as the Hidden Hand enjoy this 30th Century Technology today. It is you & I who do not get to share in the advanced technology. We are left the big, clunky old technology.   The Hidden Hand have been slowly rollling out the advanced technology making a profit on each new version while ensuring acceptance of the new Digitial Technology without raising the realization that eventually Digital Technology will replace all human labor and thus allow the Hidden Hand to cut themselves loose from those of us in the general population and let us wither away.   Perhaps you thought the manufactured AIDS epidemic was rough. You ain’t seen nothing yet. HAARP technology, scalar weaponary will finish off anyone with a still functioning immune system. Of course as with any plan there is a several flaws to be exploited. Our group of Scientist have found the flaws and taken advantage of them. When the Hidden Hand give the go ahead for the final solution we will be prepared to survive.   Will you? 

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