Three NFC Marketing Firms Form Global Alliance to Promote Technology | Adweek

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics

Until now, most of the buzz surrounding NFC (near field communication) technology has focused on its use in mobile wallets or payment systems.   Editor’s Note:    Most people don’t think what a technology like NFC can be used for beyond consumer electronics. Most of us aren’t trained in critical thinking. What’s even worse, most of us have been trained from birth to trust the rich&powerful to take care of us so they can earn money. Yet money is just a tool of control and the rich&powerful print all the money they need. Who do you think owns the Central Banks, you and me?   The rich&powerful have been creating “jobs” to keep us busy and under control. Keeping us happy by letting us build stuff for one another while they keep our lives filled with busy hands. Busi(ness) hands prevents you from having the time to think for yourself. Resisting the money makes you worry about your next paycheck not how to free yourself from the chains of your suppressors! Simple really.   So NFC will be used to connect CyberInterNetic Replicants to add in communication with each other. Using NFC for commerce is just PR for us rubes so we won’t get wise to NFC actual use. So far, the Propaganda is working!
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