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Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics

Alex Jones, David Icke, Fintan Dunne, and Alan Watt are not allowed to tell you is the fact that the Hidden Hand of the Rich&Powerful CyberInterNetic Agenda has a final solution to kill everyone in the general population when CyberInterNetics gets to the point CyberInterNetis can replace all human labor. The Rich&Powerful Hidden Hand will no longer need the labor of you & me therefore we are of no longer use to them. Unless we restructure our society so our culture is not “job” based we will be eliminated by the Hidden Hand of the Rich&Powerful.   Look how the Rich&Powerful have treated us for centuries while they need our labor! Once they no longer need our labor to do their work for them they won’t keep us around and it will be easy to eliminate us slowly but surely as they make our clothes, they grow our food, they entertain us, they control our water supply, everything we do they control. We are wide open to any scheme they wish to us. Our Doctors will tell us it’s a disease when it may well be poisened water or poisened air, or both!   This is why the last Thirty-Five Years the Hidden Hand of the Rich&Powerful has been at war with human labor as Digital Technology, CyberInterNetics started taking over human work. If we don’t unite together and build a culture of empathy, compassion and conscienciousness those of us in the general population will be eliminated.   Insiders such as Alex Huxley and George Orwell wrote stories of the future to convince you that you’d be a slave in the future but you’d be alive. This is a lie! We are slaves now and in the future replicants, digital devices, will be the slaves. Every day that passes brings the Hidden Hand Agenda closer and closer to fruiation. Moore’s Law sustains the CyberInterNetic agenda. Sooner than we could ever anticipate all human labor will be replaced.   Foxconn in China just announced a three year plan to employ one million robots in their factories. This is the beginning. Are you prepared to act now to ensure wethepeople shae in the wealth created by CyberInterNetics or will you allow the Hidden Hand to eliminate us? It’s our choice. If we delay action until the Hidden Hand CyberInterNetic Ageada is close to completion it will be too late to stop it. We must act now while the Rich&Powerful still need us. We must act now as we are running out of time.    Editor:   plasmaborne4rel; Electronic Engineer 

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