Corporations See The Dawn of the CyberInterNetic Age

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics

Incorporated Businesses have a hoard of cash. That’s seems reasonable when you refuse to share the profits of labor with workers. This trend will continue as CyberInterNetic Digital Technology replaces all human labor. If you think we have a Global Economic Crisis now, when human labor is needed wait till human labor is no longer needed and human beings failed to restructure society to include all the people in the sharing of wealth. This is why the Rich & Powerful are so intent on excluding human workers while dismantling and disassembling Society’s Safety Net now so that when human labor is no longer needed Society won’t have any way to help humans survive.   First you deprive your victim of the means to struggle against you, then you attack a weakened opponent. War on Workers is being fought and workers are losing. As if that isn’t bad enough workers are voting for the very politicians that are helping the Hidden Hand of the Rich & Powerful!!   This time, in the CyberInterNetic Age, cowering, conforming, and complying won’t save us. If we fail to stand up for ourselves this time, we will not survive.   Everyday, a Scientist somewhere is getting closer and closer to total CyberInterNetic replicant workers that will replace all human labor. Foxconn one million robot workers is the first crack of dawn on the new CIN Age.   ♬ Frida, Frida, no more needed weekend, no more needed vacation, no more needed wages, no more needed health care, Corporations are gonna be, kickng it back on Frida ♬

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