After America: Get Ready for Armageddon eBook: Mark Steyn: Kindle Store

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics After America: Get Ready for Armageddon eBook: Mark Steyn: Kindle Store..”   Amazon Customer Review:   Steyn takes aim at the people who have driven the US to this economic Armageddon with his usual razor wit. The man seems incapable of writing a dull sentence.   The cover of Steyn’s book shows a dead Uncle Sam, flat on his back and with a toe tag. Steyn is not warning about a coming American decline. “We’re already in it” he announces with gloomy relish, “What comes next is the fall–fast, sudden, off the cliff” (p 13).   And who is at the helm as this wreck is taking place, it’s … wince…Obama. Obama, who promised us hope and change and gave us that wild, draconian suggestion–in his Debt Commission–to raise “the age of Social Security eligibility to sixty-nine…By the year 2075” (p 8).   Gee. Imagine the courage it took to suggest that dramatic change.   To think that Michael Beschloss said about Obama the day after his election, “He’s probably the smartest guy ever to become president” (p 55). I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Beschloss has retired to France under an assumed name.   The Barackracy, as Steyn puts it, is going to lead us as far and as fast as they can away from the American Dream. In twenty years like this Steyn predicts we’ll be “living the American Nightmare, with large tracts of the country reduced to the favelas of Latin American, the rich fleeing for Bermuda….and the rest trapped” (p 22).   Europe and all the American left imagined they could wrench money from the wealthy, or just print money if they had to, and provide endless nanny state happiness. Free medical care. Long vacations. Assured jobs with little hard work. Bliss and free lunches for all.   And it even worked for a while in Europe, when there were between seven to ten young adults being taxed for each senior citizen. Then a funny thing happened. The Europeans stopped reproducing. It was as if all of Europe woke up one day having decided to commit suicide. In Germany, for example, one out of every three women is childless. And the women who do have a child frequently only have only one.   So all too soon, across Europe there will be two young adults supporting every retired senior citizen.   Oh, and did I mention the debt the two young adults will also have to pay off due to the ever profligate welfare state?   Furthermore, Steyn points out how uncontrollable medical costs have been even for the most strictly controlled economies. In Canada the health budget “increased from nearly 35 percent…in 1999 to 46 percent today. In Ontario…it is set to reach 80 percent by 2030” (p 228).   Somehow I doubt those’ two young adults in Ontario will be able to afford many vacations. All this perfect storm of economic bad news is coming at the worst time possible, given our cultural state.   As Steyn puts it, “the story of the last forty years is the mainstreaming of rock -star morality” (p 232), not to mention the wreckage of traditional marriage. In the US over 40% of our children are illegitimate. “Entire new categories of crime have arisen in the wake of familial collapse, like the legions of daughters abused by their mom’s latest live-in boyfriend” (p 234).   What will happen to all the children raised in fragmented families if the economy really collapses?   This is an important book, compelling and at times frightening. I hope it will be widely read.  
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