Netflix, Post Office, More CyberInterNetics

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Netflix raised prices as they want customers to choose streaming over mail delivery of DVDs. So what is streaming anyway? It’s the elimination of human labor. You don’t need sales clerks, checkout personel in retail stores. You don’t need warehouse workres to handle shipping DVDs or handle returned DVDs. Those who are living in the approaching future now have to be blind or simply refuse to see the CyberInterNetics of the future here today. Hell, people, when the computer came into the home it allow you to do things you once needed other people for. You know longer needed to go print copies of things. You had a personal computer, a printer, and then along came Internet. Borders just closed it’s doors because it couldn’t afford the expense of hiring workers to help you find the book you were looking for when Amazon does the same thing without any retail workers!!     Yep. I’m always astonished when people who even now are experiencing the power of the CyberInterNetic future refuse to use logic and reasoning to see where CyberInterNetics controlled by heartless cold blooded psychopaths will take us. We nend to restructure our society into a culture where we all share in the life CyberInterNetics can give us. However if you can’t see what the plan for the future the Hidden Hand of the Rich&Power have in store for you and me then so be it.    CyberInterNetics will replace all human labor and we workers could finally be free of working for our mere existance. This would be the greatest benefit to all human kind if we’d take control of CyberInterNetics to ensure all the people benefit. I’m certainly working toward that end but frankly humanity needs to wise up before the Hidden Hand of the Rich&Power have their agenda so embedded in our society that we won’t be able to get rid of it. CyberInterNetics is the ‘final solution’ the Hidden Hand have always dreamed about.   We still have time to turn CyberInterNetics into a paradise for all people. Once the smart grid, the senient web and the energy grid is in place the Hidden Hand agenda will be set and we won’t be able to stop it. The good news is our sons and daughters are the Scientists, Engineers, Politicians, Actors, Judges, Lawyers, Police that are currently working for the Hidden Hand. We could insist on safety nets for all people but as you can see in Washington DC not only are new safety nets not being enacted the old minimal safety net is being disassembled!   If wethepeople refuse to see that the agenda of the TGOP is really the agenda of the Rich&Powerful setting it up so that we are powerless to defeat their CyberInterNetic genocide on the general population of planet Earth once even the most stuburn person will have to admit what’s going on then they’ve already won. They intend to throw you into such a statge of poverty and disease that you have no time to act to enact another more egalitarian empathic moral society. You’ll be to busy fighting over ever diminishing jobs for human labor. Since we’re now allowing the Rich&Powerful to destory and dismantle the most basic of our secular safety net all those who depend on work for their existance will have nowhere to turn as we can not defeat the Rich&Powerful Union united against us.   They have their Rich&Powerful Union, the Corporation to use against us. As has been shown in state after state, worker Unions are being stripped of their power, destroyed and dismantled. That’s not fifty years from now, that’s today. When jobs for humans do return for a short while in the USA rest assured you and I won’t be able to live on slave wages. Everyone in the family will work. Your nine year old son will work. Your nine year old daughter will work. You and your partner will work and with all of your family working you’ll barely get by.   People think having things is wealth. You have things now. Do you consider yourself wealthy? Are you wealthy or are you really just a slave barely able to pay the bills? Are you wealthy or living paycheck to paycheck? If you lost your job tomorrow and remained unemployed for two years or more would you lose your home, your car, your cable tv, perhaps even your Internet Service?    My wife hates it when I tell people we’re prepared. She thinks once the shit hits the fan if our friends, our neighbors and our family members realize we aren’t struggling like they are they’ll turn on us. I tell her they’ve had their fun while we saved. They had their fun while we invested. They had their fun while ignoring my CyberInterNetic warning.    I’m warning people because it’s what any decent person should do. I have a moral conscience and I feel I must do what I can to help others. I’m not looking forward to surviving in a CyberInterNetic world ruled by cold blooded psychopaths. However if CyberInterNetics is allowed by those of us in the general population to be controlled by the Rich&Powerful then in reality, the fewer humans there are the better our small group can hide and survive among the Replicants.   The more weak links we have the more likely a weak link will be caught and expose us. The Rich&Powerful currently believe they are going to be able to get rid of everyone in the general population. This article is a joke to them. There is no way to survive their ‘final solution’. That is their weakness. That is the one flaw in their plan.   As I’ve travelled around I recognize that the Hidden Hand have read the masses consisting of the general population won’t wise up to the Rich&Powerful Hidden Hand Agenda of CyberInterNetics correctly. The masses will entertain themselves to death. The Situationist had it spot on. Ted Turner said the populaiton needed to be down to 500,000 people. This means Ted Turner wants to get rid of 5.5 Billion people in the world!! He made this statement and works with the United Nations to achieve this goal.    What Ted Turner didn’t say is that those 500,000 people would be blood related relatives of the Rich&Powerful. 500,000 is also the public number. 144,000 is the private number, the real number of people left after 2052CE. Could 2052CE come and go without genocide? Sure. The Rich&Power adjust their timelines if necessary. One thing you can be sure of, even if it turns out we have another 20 or 30 years, life in 2052CE and after will only be pain, suffering and more pain, more suffering.   CyberInterNetics could be the best technology for all human kind. We can’t even stop the Rich&Powerful from destroying Social Security, Medicare, Labor Unions and taking away our health benefits at work while also lowering our wages. The Rich&Powerful without CyberInterNetics are winning control. When they have control of CyberInterNetics it will be devastating to us.   To those of our members reading this site. I am sorry to say “code blue” is now in effect.    ~plasmaborne4rel

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