I’m Encouraged by Those Supporting Diaspora That We Have A Future

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
We need to get real. The Rich&Powerful have more than guns. They have nuclear weapons, spy satellites in space that tag, track & categorize us. Our only chance is the fact that the Doctors, Lawyers, Police, Scientist, CEOs, News Anchors, etc are our children. We raise them. We teach them. Do we teach them to get an education so they can get a job at The Rich&Powerful’s Corporations or do we teach them to learn to be a better more empathic sovereign individual?   Only by refusing to work toward The Rich&Powerful agenda will we succeed. The time is pass for hopes, wishes and dreams. We need to build our own society. Look at what The Rich&Powerful are doing now. The argument for taxing the rich or not taxing the rich. That’s their argument. That’s their Hegelian Dialect. Our argument with the rich is their power and control over our lives. Who works for the agenda of The Rich&Powerful? We and our children do.   You really can’t march in the streets on the weekend then go back to a Corporate job on Monday. The guns, the armored vehicles, the tasers are made by you & me. As long as wethepeople work for The Rich&Powerful instead of ourselves we are doomed.   Cooperatives own by wethepeople can produce the same products Corporations owned by a few bankers, lawyers, investors, speculators, CEOs can produce. The only difference is everyone in the Cooperative shares in the profits! We elect the CEO and management to ensure wethepeople retain the power and control. It’s so simple. As long as you, me and the rest of the general population work to profit the few, the many will suffer.   ~ https://diasp.org/people/30408

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