One Working Family’s Struggle in the Rich&Powerful’s War on Workers

Via Scoop.itCyberInterNetics
We killed Bin Laden & POTUS Obama targets Gaddafi then after Gaddafi who is next? Fear, War, More Fear, More War. Sweet. My wife and I said fucket & started investing in War years ago. We in the US want perpetual war, fine. We’ll continue to vote against War but realize we’re out numbered politically.   Just as thirty-five years ago as a Union Steward I tried to get my Union, the IAM to stand up for “made in the USA”. I got a big middle finger at the meetings so my wife and I realized the trend and invested accordingly. Betting that our Unions and our Government would wage a war on workers and win. our investments freed us from the hypocrisy around us.   As a result of the Unions, Elected Representatives & Government letting us down I lost my job of thirty years then a year and a half later my wife lost her job of nineteen years. A big fucking ass fucking from the system where the Rich&Powerful control and insure they get richer while we get poorer.   Since my wife and I got the clue when my Union and our elected representatives helped Corporations move their jobs overseas and the Government passed legislation to give them big tax breaks if they did move their jobs overseas my wife and I got busy investing in this shit. If we didn’t need health care both of us could quit our jobs but since I had a heart attack and am permanently disabled my wife works for the Health Care. Otherwise we’ve got enough money to live on till we die. It was easy. Just take a third of our net earnings and prepare for the shit storm that was clearly amassing on the horizen. Unions began to let Corporation downsize, outsource and speed up the assembly line. Instead of the promise automation would give us a four day week, higher pay, and more benefits Unions without a wimper let Corportations instead downsize, outsource, lower wages, lower benefits and put workers up against the wall grateful to have a job at all. LOL.   All this was obvious to anyone paying attention in 1975. It got in our faces in 1980. And has been openly hostile to workers in the USA since.   Just like most people are ignoring my CyberInterNetic Scientific Theory it won’t be me and my family that will suffer, we’re prepared. Just as we got prepared starting in 1975 for the shit storm on workers we are preparing for the obvious to anyone paying attention that the next shit storm is to be on humanity itself. As far as me and mine are concerned the war is over and humanity lost. Fortunately a small group of us are ready to excape the shit storm. We’ve offered a helping hand but when it becomes to dangerous to help, and everyone realizes the agenda of the Rich&Powerful we won’t weep for humanity. Humanity was given the chance to change things where we had a different future but Humanity was too busy with Sports, Movies, TV entertainment, and work.   So it be.   Just like when Humanity refused to listen to our group when we warned of the economic bust that was coming we can’t force people to wise up. Those of us who prepared will do well in the permanant Great Depresion of the 21st Century so too will we live after 2052CE when the rest of humanity disappears.   Bill Joy, WiReD Magazine “the Future Doesn’t Need Us” and other publications are out there warning everyone. The Venus Project is one effort. Ted Tuner has said publicly that the population of the Earth needs to be at a mere “500,000”. Ted Turner, who thinks he’s an insider, knows the Hidden Hand wants to get rid of a least 5.5 Billion people. Ted Turner doesn’t realize it’s only 144,000 nor does he realize he ain’t part of that 144,000 either. That’s how the Hidden Hand gets his support. The Hidden Hand told him he and his family are gonna survive their Hidden Hand Agenda. Ted Turner will in fact be exterminated along with the rest of us.   This is the message. All you well off well positioned are rubes being used by the Hidden Hand. Promises you’ll be rewarded with survival are simply a ploy to get you to work for the Hidden Hand Agenda. You need to wise up and expose this Hidden Hand Agenda now or you will die with the rest of us. We still have a few moments of time to turn things around in our favor. We are running out of time. We need to act now.   the choice is yours

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