My Top Mac OS X Applications « Rolande’s Ramblings

MileageWhen I first got my Mac back in 2009, I spent a decent amount of time reading and learning about configuring, securing, and maintaining the operating system. OS X is based on the FreeBSD operating system which is just another variant of Unix. I have a fairly solid Unix background which I figured would help. With OS X, though, it is all about the graphical Darwin environment that runs on top of the underlying OS. So, I was really starting from scratch.

One of the things I found, as I was reading, were articles covering the Top 100 Best Mac Apps etc. A hundred apps is a lot of software. I found some redundancy in those lists and some of the apps were generally irrelevant to the majority of the Mac user population. So, I thought I would compile my own list of apps (not 100) that I find useful and can’t live without and post them here for your reference. Enjoy!

via My Top Mac OS X Applications « Rolande’s Ramblings.

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