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Singularity Summit San Francisco, Oct 13/14 – Boing Boing

Singularity Summit San Francisco, Oct 13/14 – Boing Boing. Eric sez, “The Singularity Summit 2012, exploring ‘Minds and Machines’ and ‘Emerging Technologies and Science’ will be taking place October 13 – 14 at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San … Continue reading

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Internet Users Shut Out of Secret TPP Negotiations Secret, undemocratic trade agreements could put shackles on our free open Internet and they need to be stopped before they do. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is being negotiated behind closed doors in a process that not only excludes … Continue reading

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The Future of Internet and How to Stop It

This extraordinary book explains the engine that has catapulted the Internet from backwater to ubiquity—and reveals that it is sputtering precisely because of its runaway success. With the unwitting help of its users, the generative Internet is on a path … Continue reading

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